My bucket list

I have been feeling a bit down because several holidays of mine were cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I decided to change up my mood by making a bucket list of all the cool places I want to go to. I will share my top 10 dream destinations down below. Remember to keep supporting the blog!

1. Machu Picchu, Peru

This place has been on my bucket list since 2012, yeah since I was 12! So Machu Picchu is home to the Inca Trail. You probably hear about it on Instagram and too right because it is one of the most famous hikes in the world! Many people travel to South America for the trek but why do we do it? Throughout the hike you will walk along ancient narrow paths and see Incan ruins. The lush green forest is full of birds, Andean peaks and steep mountain passes. It is BEAUTIFUL.

2. Colombia – Cocora valley

Next door to Peru we have Columbia. This place yeah, wow. If you live in a busy city such as London, you’ll know that there is a lot of pollution. You need to aim to get out the city a couple times a year and go to a place like this. Fresh clean air, which is real good for your lungs and skin.

3. Plateau de Valensole, France

I just want nice Instagram pictures so… But seriously this place is one of the largest communes in France, it’s endless fields. But as a foodie the village of Valensole has it’s famous lavender honey, and that is something I would LOVE to try!! Best time to go here is from early July to August for the best experience.

4. Yucatan, Mexico

Before I say anything, please just imagine swimming there. IMAGINE THE LEVEL OF PEACE. This is the ultimate spot for tranquility! This is where I want to be when I’m having a bad day, right there in the middle laying on my back admiring the beauty of this ancient cave. Not far from this cave is the white sand beach with crystal clear water. Some places in the world leave you speechless and this is one of those places.

5. Kappadokya, Turkey

Honestly, I just want to get into a hot air balloon. That is the main reason that this place has made it to the list. Just IMAGINE the views from up in the air looking down at Kappadokya. I’m not sure if I’d be overwhelmed or relaxed though because it looks INCREDIBLE! Plus there’s halal food there so I can’t complain.

6. Lake Louise, Canada

It is 100% one of those ‘instagramable’ places. Can a place get anymore perfect than this? This is a place I’ve always wanted to go to so I can experience how it feels to be in such a beautiful place. Imagine watching the sunset the views would be so surreal!

7. Amalfi, Italy

What I like about this is the peace and tranquility. Seriously just look at how calm it looks. Look at the beautiful buildings too. So a lil fact – Amalfi is famous for its lemons, you will literally find roadside lemon stands everywhere you go. This is a must go to place for a break and some peace.

8. Mount Everest, Nepal

No one saw this coming. Let me start by saying I hate the cold but after watching the film Everest in 2015 instead of being scared to climb this mountain it made me want to climb it even more. I just want to do something completely out of my comfort zone and this is it. I know it takes time to complete the climb but it will challenge me and I am not a quitter! Plus I want to camp at the Everest base camp.

9. Swiss Alps, Switzerland

To be honest I just want my breath to be taken away and this is one of those breathtaking places to visit. The air seems so crisp too. Looks like a place out of a horror movie but it’s beautiful.

10. The Great Blue Hole, Belize

I saved the craziest one for last. SO this place is just mad. I want to sky dive here and scuba dive here because this place is THE spot. Some history, it’s called the great blue hole because it extends 125 metres into the Earth’s crust. This place is just a phenomenon, the water is crystal clear and there are millions of species of marine life as well as tropical fish.

Anyway! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my bucket list. Don’t be shy to connect with me on my social media and share your own bucket list with me (so I can add more to my list!)

Hopefully life will return to normal and we can continue travelling and exploring the world again.

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