You’ve probably seen influencers on your Instagram feeds in Dubai amid a global pandemic.

On 4 January, the Prime Minister announced a National lockdown as there was a 30% increase in covid cases in one week.

In short a National lockdown means, STAY AT HOME.

Essential trips are allowed but flying across the globe and having a luxury holiday isn’t really seen as essential travel.

Popular influencers such as Yazmin Oukhellou, James Lock, Chloe Veitch, Georgia Harrison, Erin Willerton, Henry Simmons, Anton Danyluk and Leonie Mcsorley flew out to Dubai during a global pandemic.

The British social media stars have faced backlash for being so careless and selfish.

Influencers have defended themselves by saying they are travelling for work and that it is their only source of income.

Many people have been outraged by their actions, Hannah Lamouri said: “I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that influencers are going abroad to countries, when we’ve all be instructed to remain home and only leave for essential travel such as medical reasons.”

“I understand that they are influencers and have a large social media platform which they maintain but still we are in a global pandemic, we’re all humans and we’re all more than capable of carrying this virus too.”

Dubai has now shut all bars and clubs for the whole of February after an increase in covid cases across the UAE.

Other measures such as limiting numbers at shopping malls have been put in place.

A spokesman for the Dubai Media Office blamed “a marked increase in the number of violations of precautionary measures” for the new restrictions.

The spokesman said: “The measures seek to further enhance efforts to combat Covid-19, and protect the health and safety of all citizens, residents and visitors.”

Priti Patel calls out influencers posting selfies on sunny holidays

Home Secretary, Priti Patel has criticised influencers in the House of Commons.

She said: “We see plenty of influencers on social media showing off about which parts of the world that they are in.”

“Going on holiday is not an exemption and it’s important that people stay at home.”

For once, I actually agree with her.

In order for us to tackle this virus, we have to end ALL non-essential travel.

There are people whose family members abroad have died but they haven’t been able to attend funerals because of the travel restrictions. If we can respect the guidelines by staying at home then surely influencers can do the same.

On top of all the backlash they’ve received, they have not shown an inch of remorse.

Only Fans model, Honey Evans, tweeted: “Flights from Dubai to the UK are banned. Guess I have no choice but to stay out here. Shame.”

Absolutely Ascot star, Henry Simmons, told his Instagram followers: “Oh what a shame 🤣😂.” after the announcement of flights being banned.

It is clear that they have a problem respecting guidelines for covid, their actions are not justifiable and they shouldn’t be able to get away with it.

People are getting fined in the streets of London for non-essential journeys but influencers aren’t facing any sort of punishment for breaking lockdown rules.

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