About Me


Let’s start with the basics. My name is Zayneb and I am 19. I live in London and I am currently studying and working my ass off.

I’ve been studying media since 2014 (for anyone who cares) and only discovered my passion for writing in 2019. I worked in Sky News as a news reporter with zero experience. I learnt how to write online news articles during my time there and published dozens of articles on their site.

After leaving Sky News, I decided to actually study journalism – which is what I am currently doing now.

So why a travel blog? Last year, 2019, I was allowed to travel alone. IMAGINE THAT SORT OF FREEDOM! In that time I have gone to Morocco, France, Switzerland and Seychelles. I am working on a documentary based in Morocco and that filming experience made me want to discover hidden gems in other countries. I want to be able to travel and on a budget, because I’m not a millionaire haahaa.

So join me and subscribe to my blog where I will share tips on how to travel cheap.