MY OPINION: Coronavirus and travelling

As much as I’d love a £100 flight to Dubai, I am certain health is more important than leisure.

The current outbreak of Coronavirus has affected so many people, especially with lockdowns across the globe.

I was meant to go to Barcelona, Spain last week. HOWEVER, the big however… I couldn’t fly due to the outbreak. Which is great actually because the country is currently on lockdown and I wouldn’t have able to come back if I went.

Ryanair haven’t been issuing refunds to many flights

It’s odd seeing what once were busy streets now quiet and empty, most of the towns that are quarantined are being called ghost towns.

Just going to interrupt the blog with a random reminder: trust in God.

Seriously, I was meant to fly to Milan, Italy in February, days before the hype about Coronavirus. But instead I had to stay in London to get emergency surgery. I was so frustrated because I really needed a holiday. I even found myself asking why me?

But Alhamdoulilah (Thank God) I didn’t go; because who knows what the outcome would’ve been if I went to Milan amidst the outbreak?

Back to the discussion. Why the hell is everyone bulk buying? There’s no zombie apocalypse. It’s a virus that is similar to the flu. Was any of this really happening when Swine flu was about? No, everyone needs to chill out and take a step back.

We need to collectively limit ourselves to the number of items we buy.

Why buy 10 packets of pasta for a family of 3? Are you seriously telling me you have pasta every day?

If we went about as normal then there wouldn’t be any food shortages, there never was going to be any!!

Even if there is a lock down – SUPERMARKETS AND CHEMISTS REMAIN OPEN!!!!

Next time before you bulk buy think about the vulnerable elderly. They are the ones suffering the most as they aren’t able to go grocery shopping every day, and when they do finally go they just find empty shelves. Imagine how they feel!

An old man trying to shop in Sainsbury’s

It’s so cruel and selfish what some people are doing by overbuying products. Unless you’re actually put in isolation, you DON’T need tonnes of food.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the media is causing mass panic amongst the public, for views. Yes that’s how it works.

If I ask everyone to name 3 recent news stories, aside from virus related stories, can you do it? I’m pretty sure a high number of people won’t be able to.

COVID-19 is getting a lot of coverage because news agencies know that this is what people WANT to read.

You all hear on the news that the virus is dangerous and we should isolate ourselves if we have symptoms of the virus.

But why is OUR prime minister telling us to simply wash our hands and pray for the best?

How can we ‘socially distance’ ourselves when schools are still running? How do we do this if people are unable to work from home due to the nature of their job?

What about those who work part time jobs or freelancers? How do people like that survive something like this? People have to risk their own health and safety to work in order to make money for rent, bills and food.

Those non contractual workers are the ones who will struggle when they are unable to work especially because they don’t get paid time off work.

I understand that it’s hard to predict when a pandemic is going to start, but the government should’ve set precautionary measures beforehand in preparation for a scenario such as so.

The virus will continue to rapidly spread in England if a form of lock down doesn’t come into place. The NHS is under strain from the hundreds of admissions from the virus. Many people especially the elderly are being forgotten about and are subsequently left to die.

We need to play our part by helping each other in our communities. By buying less products. Helping elderly neighbours with their shopping. Having basic hygiene such as coughing in a tissue, washing your hands before eating, avoiding touching your face.

It’s all just normal things that we should’ve been doing anyway.

But on a serious note, if you are experiencing any of the Coronavirus symptoms then visit the NHS website.

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