MY OPINION: Should passengers recline their seats on a flight?

A viral video on Twitter has revived an age old debate; do passengers have the right to recline their seat on a plane?

An American Airlines customer says when she put her seat back the person behind her started repeatedly punching the back of her chair and she wishes to press charges against him.

Wendi Williams has said the unidentified man should be charged with assault.

The passenger, Wendi Williams, has said the attendant on the American Eagle flight should be fired for reprimanding her and offering the unknown offender rum.

The flight attendant, Loretta, threatened to remove Williams from the aircraft if she didn’t delete the video recording.

She then defended the man and apologised to the man for the tight space.

The man complained to Williams telling her that she took up his space and asked her to put up her seat while he ate and Williams said she obliged.

However, she reclined her seat once again when he was finished, reported Fox News.

She thought that filming the man would make him stop his “ridiculous” antics.

Williams expressed her frustration publicly on Twitter.

Well what do I think of the ordeal?

In this situation it was unfair for Williams to recline her seat so far back that the passenger behind her had such a small space. She was incredibly selfish to continue to recline her seat especially after the passenger kindly asked her to sit up.

Additionally, it is common courtesy to not recline your seat on short haul flights

However, this problem is with the airlines and plane manufacturers. If every seat can recline on a plane except the back seat then there is clearly a problem. The back seat passengers will always be frustrated if the person seated in front of them choses to recline their seats.

The airlines should remove rows on planes that leave the passengers feeling crammed into small spaces, even if it means less people on a plane.

All the passengers in economy class pay the same price to get on a plane, so they should all be treated fairly.

Either consider the personal space of other people, or pay more for first/business class where you get extra leg room and space.

Let me know what you think of this on Twitter!

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