How to book CHEAP flights

You ever want a break somewhere in Europe? Let’s say a weekend in Paris. How about next weekend?

I’ve just googled “London to Paris cheap flights.” For next weekend. Cheapest flight I’ve found was £127. TOO MUCH!

Let me tell you my method to finding cheap flights. It’s really quick and simple and I only use one website.

STEP 1: Private browsing mode

If you do not use private browsing mode then most likely flight prices will increase. Especially if you’ve searched the same route on different website – it’s all down to cookies. Incognito mode will enable you to find the lowest fares.

STEP 2: use Skyscanner and search EVERYWHERE

As long as you choose the dates you’re available to travel on, if you click Everywhere then you’ll get a list of countries and cities with the cheapest flights! Even better if you don’t have specific dates because there is an option called “cheapest month” which will give you the cheapest flights based on the cheapest month of the year.

STEP 3: Choose a country with cheap hotels!

In my search, I found that Milan has cheap flights as well as cheap hotels. I always try to make sure the hotel price is similar to the flight price when booking cheap flights.

STEP 4: Choose the cheapest option

You may find that early morning flights are the cheapest, so if you’re willing to wake up a couple hours early to save money then do it! In my case, the cheapest flight was only £20 for 4 nights. A M A Z I N G!

STEP 5: Do you really need luggage for a short stay?

I mean it’s only £10 extra to add a cabin bag right? Wrong. You’ll be paying £20 because it’s a separate payment on the return. Best to travel light for short stays and take one small bag if you’re really trying to travel cheap!

STEP 6: Book your flight!

And there we have it… I just paid for a flight next week for 4 days for only £20! This is just one way of saving a lot of money on flights.

Hope you’ve learnt a couple things from this blog and be sure to subscribe!

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