5 FREE things to do in Toulouse, France

Visit the Jardin Japonais

It is a beautiful Japanese garden inspired by the gardens of Kyoto. You can come here to relax, take pictures or even meditate. I did not expect to find a place this mesmerising in the middle of Toulouse.

Visit the Market in the Capitole

The market is open every Tuesday to Friday and you can find some pretty cheap gems hidden inside. There are many €1 and €5 rails with vintage scarves and clothing. If you love to shop – this is the place to visit!

Visit the Place du Capitole

It is a square in the city centre filled with shops, cafes and restaurants.You want some cute pics to say you’ve been to Toulouse? This is the place. Also I’d say go at night because it looks 100x better!

Walk down Rue de la Balance

A historic narrow street perfect for pictures. When I went to Toulouse, I travelled by foot 90% of the time, everything is local so you can easily walk from place to place through beautiful French architecture. The streets are mainly paved with brick or stone.

FYI – the French walk a LOT.

Cross the bridge on Canal du Midi

One word for this. Beautiful.

PS – it is the oldest canal in Europe still in operation.

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