I spent 12 hours in Zurich, Switzerland!

You’re probably thinking: why only 12 hours?

Well, it was a connecting flight and I was not looking to sit in the airport for ageeeeees. So let’s talk about my day in Zurich.

8:30 AM – I arrived at the airport Flughafen Zürich and booked a hotel room for the day inside the airport. Must say, this wasn’t cheap. I paid £80 for the day. After that I did what any normal person would do, sleep.

11:30 AM – I woke up from my nap and started my day. First thing I did was get a map from the hotel so I knew where to go because that’s very important. Yes I know Google Maps exists but I wanted to be old fashioned.

12:15 PM – I paid £11.70 to get a flexible travel pass. That means you have an unlimited use of boats, trains, trams and buses all day long. Another great thing is that calls and WiFi work underground, unlike in London. Then I took the train to Zurich Old Town.

PS – they’ve got restaurants on their trains!

14:00 PM – I arrived at the Chinese Garden. It’s classed as a temple garden and is one of the highest-ranking gardens outside China.

14:45 PM – I met this lovely Chinese family that have been living in Zurich for the last 20 years. They were having a picnic and asked me to join them and I just couldn’t refuse!

It’s great to meet new people and have contacts around the globe. Remember locals are the best tour guides!

16:00 PM – I took the tram back to Zurich Central. This is when I went to the Muhlestag Bridge which crosses the Limmat River. It’s covered in love locks and it is incredibly beautiful! Great for a stroll or a bike ride.

17:30 PM – To end the day I went to a local shop and found some goodies! For £6 I got two chocolate bars and some amazing mango flavoured Fanta!

20:00 PM – Caught my flight and off I went to the next stop – Seychelles!

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